To download all images, videos and HTML files from all open tabs in Chrome. you can install a free Chrome extension named “ Simple mass downloader “. This extension automatically scans the URLs that are available on the active tab or all tabs and download files related to those URLs. You only need to click on the extension icon and all loaded links will be displayed from the active or all tabs (depending on the option you have set).

With this extension you can also use other options. You can filter files to view the list of files of the same extension (or layout) by adding the file format (HTML, MP4, JPG, etc.) Add, selected or all files to download, only show images and more.

When you download this Chrome extension (Simple Mass Downloader), an icon appears at the top right of the toolbar. And immediately after that you will see a pop-up asking you to save Chrome Download Setting. That means: if you do not set the location of a saved file, you will encounter many rights indicating where you want to store each file in your system. Set the location, wherever you want your download file to be saved.

This Chrome extension allows you to download all links from the interface completely. Here, link means all those links that are available on the web page (for example, to the left of every video, image, etc.). And also related to the file type such as HTML, images, text, and so on. You can download links from the active tab or from all open tabs in your Chrome browser.

To get started, you can click on the Chrome extension icon. Then you will see three options in the interface at the top left. The first icon indicates that you can only download links from the current tab; the tab you are currently using. If you click on the second icon, you can control a custom setting, for example if you want to download a link from all open tabs in your Chrome browser. And the third option only displays images from the web pages. Click HERE to install this extension.