Google Password Manager can start sharing passwords with partners or children

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Google Password Manager gets an option to share passwords with a partner or children. It is still unknown when exactly this feature will be released.

Google Parental Controls

Users of Google Password Manager, known in English as Password Manager, will be given the option to share a password with a spouse or child within the family with a single click, reports Google. Accounts must be signed in with Family Link, Google’s family management system. Parents can manage their children’s phones via Family Link.

The option is intended, among other things, to quickly exchange passwords for school systems, for example, between parents or between parent and child. Many password managers already have an option to share passwords with other users. Google isn’t saying when the feature will be released.

Users can also google ‘Parental controls’ to directly access the options to manage children’s settings. They must be logged in for this. YouTube will also reduce its recommendation of videos that could be harmful to children and teens in more countries than just the US. This includes videos in which people compare physical characteristics.

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