Bambu Lab announces P1S 3D printer

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Printer manufacturer Bambu Lab has introduced its latest 3D printer. The company already teased the P1S via Twitter, but has now officially announced the prices and specifications. The 3D printer is available with and without AMS.

The P1S is a variant of the P1P, but with a so-called enclosure. The 3D printer has also received other upgrades that should make it easier to print more advanced filaments. The P1S is the third printer in the line-up of Bambu Lab, a relatively new player on the 3D printer market. The company was founded by former DJI employees and released its first printers via Kickstarter. The now announced P1S is available directly from the Bambu Lab website with expected delivery within two weeks. The P1S costs 749 euros.

In addition to the side panels, which make the printer suitable for filaments such as ABS and ASA, the P1S is also equipped with a filter to capture small particles from the print chamber. The motherboard also has active cooling and a fan to cool prints and a fan to regulate the temperature in the print chamber are installed as standard. This brings the P1S closer to features that the top model, the X1 Carbon, has. However, that printer still has advantages in terms of the control panel, the better built-in camera and the lidar for controlling the first layer.

Bambu Lab recently lowered the prices of the P1P and the X1 Carbon. The price of the P1S is now the same as the former price of the P1P. There is also a version of the P1S available that costs 999 euros. The printer is then supplied in combination with the AMS, a filament changer with a capacity for four rolls of filament. The P1P is not for sale in combination with the AMS, but it is suitable for this purpose. The P1S and X1 Carbon are sold with and without AMS. By the way, owners of the P1P will soon be able to upgrade their printer to a P1S thanks to a upgrade kit. It will cost 160 euros and should be available from July 25.

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