Rumor: Android 15 puts apps in ‘edge-to-edge’ mode by default

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Android 15 would put apps in ‘edge-to-edge’ mode by default, with the app falling over the status bar and navigation bar. Currently, many apps don’t do that.

In the beta of Android 14, QPR2 Beta 3 according to Android Authority an app compatibility change that makes edge-to-edge the default if developers indicate their app is built for the Vanilla Ice Cream SDK or later. Vanilla Ice Cream is the code name for Android 15. Android code names are alphabetical, just like those of Ubuntu, and Android 14 was ‘Upside Down Cake’.

Google has the API for the mode recently updated to better deal with holes in the screen. Android Authority says it’s not sure if Google wants to enforce the mode with Android 15 or if it will happen at a later date.

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