This free cloud service provides blockchain-based secure unlimited storage for storing your important files and sensitive information. With blockchain at the back, this service offers complete privacy and complete control over your data. You do not have to worry about the service provider’s control over your files or data leaks that have recently happened to many large companies.

XOR Disk is a free encrypted, decentralized cloud storage built on the BlockStack platform. To use this service, you must have a BlockStack ID . If you do not have BlockStack ID you can create here. After you have created a new ID or you have logged in with an existing ID, you authorize the XOR disk and you can start.

If you use Google Drive you will find the user interface. It seems to be an exhaustion version of Google Drive that only retains the essential functions. This disc has a navigation window on the left with options to go to Drive, Favorites and Trash. The rest of the area is Drive Explorer, where you can create folders and upload files and folders. Similar to Google Drive you can upload files and folders in bulk. You can also add files simply by dragging and dropping them.


In terms of properties, this drive offers the following:

  • Favorites: To add files and folders to your favorites list.
  • File preview: Supports example for text and multimedia files.
  • Multiple selection: Move, favorite, download and delete multiple files at once.
  • Share files: Share files with others on the web by generating a link for public file sharing.

Note that the File Sharing function decrypts the files that you share, otherwise it is not possible to share them in a meaningful way. The files for which you enable public sharing have an icon in the form of a bullet next to their name to imply. There is also a function to share files privately with other BlockStack users that are said to be available shortly.

Give XOR Drive an attempt here.