Software Update: Emby Server 4.0

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Version 4.0 of Emby Server has been released. This media server for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS and various NAS devices can index and serve content to clients on the same machine, within the local network or over the Internet. Until version 3.6 it was open source, but is that no longer. Clients are available for the aforementioned operating systems, among others, but content can also be viewed on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Google TV, for example. The program is thus comparable with Plex Media Server. The release notes for this release can be found below.

Important Upgrade Information

After installing the update, the server will begin a database upgrade operation. If you attempt to open the web app during this time, you’ll be given a friendly message informing you about this. This operation could take a little time, so please be patient with it.

After this is complete, any plugins you may have installed will require updates, so please check the status of this on your server dashboard. If any plugins are updated, remember that Emby Server will need to be restarted. After all updates have been applied, we recommend that you run a library scan. The first scan following the update could take longer than usual, so please be patient.

No Telemetry or Anonymous Usage Reporting

If you’re wondering why the anonymous usage reporting setting has been removed, it’s because not only have we removed the setting, but we’ve removed the function altogether. We know our audience pretty well thanks to this community, and because of that we’ve decided we no longed need any data reporting.

New Emby Live TV Guide Dates

As previously announced, Live TV Guide Data is Now Included with Emby Premiere, if you’re in the USA, Canada, or the UK. What does this mean? This means if you’re in the USA, Canada or UK, you’ll no longer need to setup an account with another website nor pay someone else for this data. You’ll simply enter your zip code into Emby, select your channel lineup, and we’ll handle retrieving your guide data.

We believe this will provide a better experience for Emby users with fewer setup steps. The new data is also quite a bit richer, and we will be looking at how we can take advantage of that to bring new Live TV features to Emby. Going forward, Live TV will require Emby Premiere in the web app, where previously this was not the case.

How to Migrate From Schedules Direct
If you are setting up the server fresh, then you should use our new Emby guide provider, which will be the default. If you are already using Schedules Direct, then you can continue to use it through the remainder of your Schedules Direct subscription. Schedules Direct has pledged to continue to honor your subscriptions, and we thank them for that.

New Levels of Performance
A database re-structuring brings your Emby Server and apps to new levels of performance that were previously not possible. Screens will load faster, videos will start quicker, and more. This will also manifest itself in other areas, such as improved library scan performance, and faster live tv guide refreshes. Please Note: The first scan after the update may take quite a while depending on your library contents and exactly what features you have enabled. Please be patient as subsequent scans will be much faster.

New and Improved Hardware Acceleration
This has been rebuilt from the ground up and is better than ever. We now have sophisticated hardware detection that runs on server startup to determine what your system can support. This allows us to provide you with an “easy mode” setting:

And if you enable advanced control, you’ll be able to see what was detected:

Our hardware transcoding has been rewritten to take better advantage of each of the major GPU platforms, whether it be QuickSync, Nvidia, DXVA, VAAPI, MediaCodec, or others. This will allow hardware transcoding performance to perform better than ever.

Best of all, you can now monitor this on the server dashboard. bThe green bar indicates the current playback position while the orange bar designates the range that has been transcoded so far.

Important: Hardware acceleration has been truly a major effort for us, and because of this, it will now require Emby Premiere on all platforms except for Nvidia Shield and Western Digital.

Transcoding Throttling is Back
This feature has returned after a two year hiatus and is better than ever. What is transcoding throttling? Sometimes your server can transcode content much quicker than you’re actually watching it. When the transcoding process gets a big enough lead on your watching position, we can slow it down on the fly in order to reduce the load on your server. Then as you’re watching, if we need to speed it back up, we can do that too.

And best of all, your server dashboard will show you when transcoding is being throttled:

Emby Server Now Available for Android and Nvidia Shield
Stay tuned for separate announcements.

Improved Search
Search is now faster and now supports fuzzy search! This means you don’t need to type your searches perfectly in order to see the matches you’re looking for. For example, if you accidentally enter “Bad Breaking”, instead of “Breaking Bad”, you’ll still be able to see Breaking Bad in the results.

Multi-Resolution TV Shows
Without requiring any changes to your file names, we now support having multiple versions of episodes. This doesn’t require any special setup and you’ll now see the friendly version selection on the episode screen:

Revamped Grouping Into Collections
This has now been moved from a server setting to directly onto the Movies list screen where it can be easily toggled.

Expanded Filtering
You can now filter on more fields such as container, video codec, audio codec, subtitle codec, and more. These filters are also remembered !

Expanded User Library Access
User library access can now be controlled for sub-folders, providing you with even greater flexibility than before.

This more fine-grained access control replaces the previous user-preference-based “Merged” libraries that were supported before 4.0. If you have used merged libraries please see New Folder-based Access Control to learn how to setup the same basic functionality with this new feature.

Other Improvements

  • Update to .NET Core 2.2
  • Update to Sqlite 3.26.0
  • Improve library scan performance
  • Improve performance of live tv guide refresh
  • Improve subtitle delivery performance
  • Support Brotli http compression
  • Display video size on detail screens in Media Info
  • Significantly reduce dlna related network traffic
  • Add More Like This On Live TV section
  • Add tabbed layouts for music videos and home videos
  • Add network browsing to directory picker for Linux, Android and MacOS.
  • Change new indicators for programs to match guide data
  • Rework mobile context menus
  • Rework tv tabs to be consistent with Emby Theater
  • Downloaded subtitles are now saved using the two-character language code
  • Improve transcoding or low bit rate hevc
  • Add Moviedb season image provider
  • Show favorite people
  • Support tvg-chno with m3u tuners
  • Support tvg-shift with m3u tuners
  • Allow a library to be named “backdrops”, a previously reserved name
  • Improve server dashboard display with blue radiance theme
  • Improve mobile server dashboard with bottom navigation
  • Added live tv channels to search feature
  • Improve layout of live tv channels tab under live tv
  • Add audio books content type
  • Use es-MX with MovieDb when Spanish language is selected along with Mexico as the country
  • Improve metadata with absolute episode ordering
  • Cloud sync upload improvements
  • Support launching android server on device startup
  • Add container, video codec, audio codec, and subtitle codec filters
  • Improve multi-resolution naming recognition
  • Improve automatic refreshing in the web app
  • Improve resiliency with iptv streams
  • Improve Windows sleep prevention while server is being used
  • Improve Chromecast volume control
  • Improve xmltv parsing of European characters
  • Support multiple images with xmltv
  • Use transcode=none profile for HD Homerun when appropriate
  • Support splitting musicbrainz ids on both slashes and semi-colons
  • Make alpha pickers dynamic based on content
  • Improve identify feature
  • Improve manual refreshing when replacing existing images
  • Improve database cleanup procedures or removed content
  • Improve automatic refreshing of recordings
  • Restore user permission to change password and profile image
  • Prevent syncing of in-progress recordings
  • Improve authentication failure logging for Fail2ban support
  • Add API to find item by provider id
  • Update new user defaults to not allow deleting media
  • Make news notifications configurable
  • Reduce size of Windows and MacOS installers by 30 MB
  • Support user subtitle download permissions
  • Defer collage image generation until images are needed
  • Move AudioDb and Omdb to pre-installed plugins
  • Move to pre-installed plugin
  • Move MusicBrainz to pre-installed plugin
  • Move MovieDb metadata provider to pre-installed plugin
  • Move nfo saver to pre-installed plugin
  • Move tvdb to pre-installed plugin
  • Support per library resume settings

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue of changing password in Firefox when Firefox password manager is used
  • Fix repeated Visual Studio C++ install prompts when VS2017 is already present
  • Fix favorite artists page showing empty list
  • Fix search by accent characters
  • Fix web access by ipv6 ip address
  • Fix More Like This for artists always showing same content
  • Fix xmltv programs not being marked as new when they are also a Premiere
  • Fix recording image file names for shows containing a period in the name
  • Workaround .net core crashes on network availability changes
  • Fix collection and playlist separation per library
  • Fix hardware transcoding options being reverted to defaults
  • Fix cloud sync upload throttle not being applied
  • Fix xmltv failures with SMB paths
  • Fix audio books getting immediately marked as watched
  • Fix intermittent crash associated with log file rotation
  • Fix windows task scheduler entries not getting cleaned up
  • Fix typo in Exynos spelling
  • Fix remote URL showing with remote access disabled
  • Various DLNA bug fixes

Version number 4.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Emby
License type Paid
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