Firefox beta has support for Nvidia video upscaling technique

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Firefox gets support for Nvidia Video Super Resolution. With this upscaling technique, videos watched in the browser can be upscaled by the Tensor cores in Nvidia’s 30 and 40 series video cards.

The setting can already be found in the release version of Firefox, which is version number 115. According to notifications on Bugzilla However, the option on that version is broken and the fix for it was implemented in version 116, which is now in beta. Users who are at least on that version can search for ‘nvidia’ in about:config and set the resulting flag to true. The setting must then also be enabled in the Nvidia Control panel, including the desired strength, and the browser must be restarted. Then the effect should work. It is reported on Reddit that this works.

The upscaling technique makes it possible to save bandwidth and still get a sharper image. Users can also increase the maximum quality of YouTube even further. The consumption of the video card can therefore increase.

Tests from Gamers Nexus concluded that the difference is not as great as when, for example, one turns on DLSS in a game. In addition, the upscaler can achieve little with very little information and with a lot of information it cannot improve much. The sweet spot seemed to be 720p videos. At maximum quality, the GPU load jumps to about 40 to 50 percent, users reported when introducing the position.

The feature is also available for Chrome and Edge. A special version of VLC Media Player also supports VSR.

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