The Senate appears to want to maintain the netting arrangement

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A majority of the Senate appears to want to maintain the netting scheme for solar panels. The House of Representatives previously agreed to the proposal to abolish the scheme step by step.

The BBB and GroenLinks-PvdA factions in the Senate, among others, are against the proposal. is evident from a tour by NOS, among others. With the support of several smaller parties, this creates a majority that is against the proposal. The proposal was already adopted in the House of Representatives last year, before the elections.

GroenLinks-PvdA states that tenants and people with lower incomes can now finally purchase solar panels, making their abolition undesirable. BBB sees the abolition of the netting scheme as collecting taxes from citizens.

The Senate will discuss the bill on Tuesday evening. A vote will then follow quickly. The Senate can only approve or reject a law, but cannot make any changes. If the Senate votes against, the proposal will not go through and the entire process of submitting the law will have to be repeated.

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Phasing out netting in proposal (%)

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