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Screenshots may show new interface for free version Spotify

Screenshots have appeared online showing the new interface of the free version of Spotify for mobile devices. The screenshots show that from now on there are playlists that users can play on-demand, instead of only in shuffle mode.

In some playlists, users can tap the numbers themselves, but others can only be listened to in shuffle after the change. mode, claims The Verge . The site placed the screenshots and says that Spotify wants to present the change in functions and the interface next week. Spotify has an event scheduled for next Tuesday.
The Browse tab at the bottom of the screen can not be seen in the new interface. That function is now on the Search tab, where you can also see colored blocks with suggestions. Spotify did not want to respond to the publication of the screenshots.
It is unknown if there is also a new version of Spotify for paying users. The voice command function, which the music service tested in the iOS app, does not appear to be in the new version. The Verge does not mention the source of the screenshots. The screenshots are made on an Android device, although it is obvious that Spotify makes changes to all mobile apps.


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