Twitter starts sharing advertising revenue with Blue subscribers

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Twitter has started paying users who provide a lot of ad impressions on the site. Users share screenshots showing them getting paid tens of thousands of dollars from the platform. Musk had promised in February to set up this system.

Before popular Twitter users receive an amount paid, they must meet a number of conditions. These are the accounts with the greatest reach on the platform. Specifically, users must have achieved five million impressions, every month, in the past three months. They must also have a Twitter Blue membership and a link to a Stripe payment account. The money is then paid out.

Finally, this only concerns the ad impressions made with other Twitter Blue users. Musk explain that ‘only verified users count, otherwise cheating with bots is child’s play’. Nowadays it is no longer checked whether an account is authentic before issuing a check mark. However, some accounts still need to be updated other requirements including paying for Twitter Blue.

The account @krassenstein claims to have received $24,305 from Twitter. User @BillyM2k speaks of $37,050. The money covers the period from Musk’s announcement in February, he says. In total, Twitter would pay out $5 million to an unknown number of accounts.

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