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Google seems to be working on how to boot other OS on Pixelbook laptop

Google seems to be working on a way to install and boot a second operating system on a Pixelbook laptop. A response to a commit seems to indicate that Windows can be such an alternative operating system.

Google calls the function AltOS, noticed redditor -nbsp- in a post that Android Police spotted . It looks like AltOS will show a screen at startup where users can choose between Chrome OS, which is standard on the Pixelbook, and AltOS. One of the responses to the commit refers to go / vboot windows, which indicates that Google thinks of Windows at AltOS.
Google has not yet responded to the discovery in the commits. Previously, it appeared that Google is working on a way to run Linux programs in a container, wrote Chrome Unboxed . The Pixelbook currently only runs on Google’s own operating system.
It is possible that adding AltOS should be an easy way to test Fuchsia. Googles still secret operating system works on a Pixelbook, but very cumbersome . Support for another OS would probably facilitate the installation of Fuchsia. Google did not release the Pixelbook in the Benelux.


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