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Case shows that Moto Z3 Play smartphone has side fingerprint scanner

The unannounced Motorola Moto Z3 Play smartphone from Lenovo probably has a fingerprint scanner on the side. Renders from a casemaker indicate this. Moreover, there is no recess in the case for a 3.5mm connection.

The renders show the unannounced Moto Z3 Play without a fingerprint scanner under the screen or at the back, places where Lenovo put the scanner on devices in recent years . The button on the right side is much longer than normal and has the shape of a fingerprint scanner. A button is also visible on the left side. It is obvious that it is the Power button.
Sony has just moved away from fingerprint scanners on the side of its new Xperia smartphones. The XZ2-series has the scanners on the back, where predecessors XZ1 and earlier Xperias that are on the side. The Razer Phone is also a recent model with a scanner on the side.
The case also has no recess for a 3.5 mm connection and only for the USB port and the microphones. The Moto Z2 Play does have the analogue audio port, although the more expensive Z2 Force does not have it.
Lenovo has not announced Motorola smartphones this year. Besides the Z3 Play there would be more devices, such as the Moto G6 series and Moto E5 phones.

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