Will Apple’s new MacBook be blacker than black?

It is particularly difficult for manufacturers to obtain electronic devices in a deep black color – the best attempts were at most a dark gray shade. Still, Apple is going to try; the company has plans for a MacBook with a deep black color. This is evident from a patent application.

Matte black MacBooks

The matte black color is not completely new for Apple. The iPhone 7 was also available in this version. But to be fair, this looked more like dark gray than really deep black. The technology that Apple is now working on should provide a deeper black tone than any Apple device has ever had.

This is evident from a patent that Apple filed in May 2020. In this, the tech giant refers to an “anodized layer with a matte black appearance.” The coating could be applied to aluminum, titanium and steel, among others.

The patent states that the pores within the anodized layer are soaked with “color particles”. Those color particles maximize the amount of light the material can absorb. And the more light a material absorbs, the blacker it will appear.

In addition to the MacBook, Apple could also use the anodized layer for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Not all patents eventually see the light of day, so the question is whether the color will actually be produced. We do know for sure that the color will appeal to many Apple enthusiasts – at least with us.

New MacBooks in 2021

Speaking of new MacBooks: Apple has two significantly improved models in development. Two new MacBook Pros are reportedly coming in 2021. They would have a new design and a much improved miniled screen.