Volkswagen CEO expects autonomous driving cars between 2025 and 2030

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Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess expects that sometime between 2025 and 2030 the fully autonomous driving cars will be so advanced that they will go on sale. According to him, Tesla is a ‘neural network that is constantly learning to drive.

VW Car2XIn his expectation for the market introduction of fully autonomous vehicles, Diess points to the increase in the computing performance of chips that are required for this, in combination with the development of artificial intelligence. “It is to be expected that the systems will soon be able to cope with the complex situations of autonomous driving”, he told WirtschaftsWoche .

Volkswagen itself is currently mainly testing assisted driving , in which the driver still plays an important role. The company has set up a huge software division, the Car.Software division, which should consist of approximately 2,000 employees and which, among other things, should accelerate the development of autonomous driving.

Diess is impressed by American competitors Waymo and Tesla in this area. “One of Tesla’s strengths is that, with their now very large fleet, they are constantly collecting driving data and using artificial intelligence to keep improving the system. You could say that Tesla is not just a car company, but a neural network. that learns to drive better and better. “

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