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Rumor: Samsung will release three foldable smartphones next year

Samsung would release three foldable smartphones next year, including a Lite version of the Galaxy Z Fold2. A successor to the Z Flip and Z Fold2 will follow later in the year, according to a South Korean site based on information from an analyst firm.

The Z Fold Lite should be the first to appear early next year, writes The Elec . That would be a slightly cheaper model than the first Fold phones, which went on sale for around 2000 euros. The shape of the phone would be the same. The screen diagonal is lower than with the current Z Fold2 .

In the summer, the successors for the Z Flip and Z Fold2 must follow. The new Fold will receive support for the S Pen, something that has been rumored for some time. The S Pen support in the most expensive models reportedly makes the Galaxy Note line obsolete .

All three models would have an ultra-thin glass layer, just like the current models. Where it is 30 micrometers with the current models, it would probably be 60 to 100 micrometers with the new models. This is necessary for the pen to work: a glass layer of 30 micrometers could crack under pressure from the pen.

The Elec relies on information from UBI Research, an analyst firm that specializes in keeping an eye on the OLED screen market. All foldable smartphones so far have OLED screens, because OLED pixels can be placed on a flexible, plastic substrate.

According to UBI Research Z Fold Lite Z Fold3 Z Fold2 Z Flip 2 Z Flip
Screen outside 4.0 “ 4.0 “ 6.2 “ 3.0 “ 1.1 “
Screen inside 7.0 “ 7.0 “ 7.6 “ 6.7 “ 6.7 “
Camera Hole in screen Behind screen Hole in screen Hole in screen Hole in screen
S-Pen No Yes No No No

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