Turn your neighborhood into Pac-Man in Google Maps

Have you always wanted to play Pac-Man in your neighborhood? Well, then Tuesday must be your lucky day. In the run-up to April 1, Google has built a function into Maps with which your neighborhood can be transformed into the classic arcade game with the push of a button.

Anyone who also wants to thunder through his streets with the biting monster, only needs to click on the separate Pac-Man field at the bottom left of Google Maps. Pick an interesting location and the dots will come your way. Make sure you have enough streets for the playing field.

Google takes its services, including Maps, every year with April 1. Last year it came out with an augmented reality game, the Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge. Users were given the task of catching all the Pokémon ever invented with their smartphone. They will have to travel all over the world for this.