Toshiba announces 5TB drives

Toshiba has released new hard drives with a storage capacity of 5 terabytes. The Japanese manufacturer focuses on use by the business market and, for example, in addition to SATA models, also comes with variants that have a SAS interface.

The Toshiba MG04 drives, among other things, support Advanced Format 4K technology, which uses sectors of 4 kilobytes instead of 512 bytes to reduce the amount of overhead. Omitting the empty spaces between sectors and the ecc blocks would increase the usable capacity of a hard drive. Advanced Format 512e emulation should ensure compatibility with older equipment, emphasizes Toshiba.

Toshiba’s 3.5″ drives rotate at 7200rpm and the maximum capacity is 5 terabytes. The SAS MG04SCA drives have a SAS interface, while the SATA MG04ACA variants have a SATA 6Gbit/s interface. Toshiba not yet known.