Noctua releases its first fan hub, supporting 8 fans and up to 54W

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Noctua has released the NA-FH1, the brand’s first fan hub. Up to eight fans can be connected to the hub, which can be 12V or 5V. Noctua claims its hub is more reliable and secure than other hubs.

The Noctua NA-FH1 Fan Hub can transmit up to 54W to eight fans, provided that the fan hub is powered by a SATA cable. If a 4-pin plug is used for the power supply, a maximum of 24W can be transmitted. Users can use either connector, with the fan hub using the SATA cable for power and the 4-pin connector to connect the hub to the motherboard. The hub can be used, among other things, to control PWM fans. Non-PWM fans can also be controlled by adjusting the input voltage. The device has a status LED and can be hung in the PC housing with magnets.

The fan controller has according to Noctua onboard circuitry to more reliably control fan speeds and fuses to prevent short circuits. Those fuses would mainly come in handy if the SATA connection is used. Other hubs often don’t have such circuitry or fuses, Noctua claims. It was already known that Noctua was working on the fan hub, but this was postponed at least twice. According to Noctua, the fan hub is for sale from Tuesday and costs 34.90 euros.

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