Head of European Xbox division resigns – update

The head of Microsoft’s European Xbox branch, Chris Lewis, is stepping down. According to Microsoft, Lewis has decided to do so himself, to focus on ‘other interests’. Lewis spent 25 years at Microsoft and has been responsible for the console since the introduction of the Xbox.

Microsoft has confirmed the CEO’s departure to British site MCV. According to Microsoft, he wants to “concentrate on other interests, both business and private.”

The resigned Lewis was in charge of the so-called emea branch of the Xbox division: Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Lewis joined Microsoft in 1989, working in a variety of positions. Since the European introduction of the Xbox in 2002, he has been responsible for the emea branch. Under his leadership, the Xbox One’s launch was not exactly successful; in many countries the Xbox One is not even for sale.

Update, Thursday, March 6 11:49: This piece initially suggested that Lewis might have been forced to resign. There was no reason for that suggestion; she has been removed from the text.