Toshiba and Clariant working on 30GB dual-layer HD DVD

Toshiba is working with Swiss company Clariant on a 30GB dual-layer HD-DVD Recordable. The company, along with Mitsubishi and Hitachi, has already developed a single-layer 15GB HD-DVD-R disc that will go into production in 2006. Both companies are now working on a new dye for twice the storage capacity. In addition, working prototypes of the two-layer discs have been developed. The new dual-layer disc has already been submitted to the DVD Forum. Toshiba hopes to gain recognition from the organization by the end of the year.

The current standard for HD DVD-ROM is 15GB single layer and 30GB double layer. The standardization of a 45GB variant, which is described in three layers, is still being worked on. A rewritable HD DVD that complies with the standard can contain up to 20GB of data. It remains to be seen which will eventually become the most popular: HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are engaged in a battle over the succession of the current DVD, with the outcome still uncertain.