Software update: NewsLeecher 3.0 beta 1

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Yesterday, the first beta release of version 3.0 of NewsLeecher came out. With this program messages from newsgroups can be read on Usenet and files can be downloaded. NewsLeecher can download from multiple servers simultaneously, has support for yEnc encryption, and can handle up to 99 threads simultaneously. Among the most important changes and improvements we find virtual groups. This is the possibility to merge various groups into one large one. Furthermore, the program can update several groups at the same time and the download engine has been completely renewed. The full changelog looks like this:

Changes in beta 3.0 1:

  • *BIG ADDITON* – Virtual Groups Support.
    Full support for virtual groups. Virtual groups make it possible to combine many subscribed usenet groups into one single big browsable group. Note: Articles posted to two or more active groups will show up as duplicates. A feature to remove the dupes from the browsed ‘virtual group’ is on the todo list.
  • *BIG ADDITON* – Simultaneous group updating while browsing.
    It’s now possible to update several subscribed usenet groups at the same time, instead of one by one. In addition to this, it is now also possible to browse one or more (by using virtual groups) usenet groups while other groups get updated in the background.
  • Added a ‘Subscription Groups View’ to the Active Group sheet. This view gives quick access to the group update/activation features and provides an easy overview of the subscribed groups.
  • New ‘Connect on Demand’ feature. Instead of connecting all bots to the server instantly, the connections are now made “intelligently” and only when needed (for downloading, group updating, etc).
  • Added new ‘%nl_article_download_folder%’ variable to the “Run Commands” feature. check this URL for more info.
  • Added a ‘Group’ column to the ‘Active Group’ listview.
  • *BIG IMPROVEMENT* – New Download Engine.
    New simplified download engine architecture. The new engine does the same as the old engine, but is easier to bug fix and extend with new feature due to the simpler design.
  • Much improved article window sort algorithm.
  • Much improved internal handling of the bot connections.
  • Small improvements to the speed limiter feature. slightly more accurate now.
  • The ‘auto logoff server’ feature now works for individual bots instead of globally. So instead of disconnecting all bots from the server at the same specific timeout, it now only disconnects the bots which have been inactive for more than X seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where the bandwidth limiter, on some systems, wouldn’t limit the transfer speed to below 60 KB/s.
  • Removed the ‘Active Group’ dropdown box. The box has been replaced with a ‘Subscription Groups View’ (see above).
  • Removed the ‘All Articles Downloaded’ balloon tip window that showed up when NewsLeecher was minimized to the tray and the transfer queue went empty.


Version number 3.0 beta 1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website NewsLeecher
file size


License type Shareware
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