Software Update: Tiny Personal Firewall 6.5.120

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Tiny Software has released a new test build of its firewall software Tiny Personal Firewall. The update has been given version number 6.5.120 and is available from here are downloaded. If you prefer not to run test software, it is best to use version 6.5.92 stay. Since this is not covered in the junk tracker here is the changelog for both versions:

Changes in 6.5.112 (test build):

  • fixed CloneDVD and other applications compatibility
  • USB drive letter fix
  • redone WAN interfaces handling
  • Tracklog Analyzer now enables exporting collected data into a predefined object

Changes in 6.5.92 (release version):

  • starting service by “net start” command fixed
  • bug with outlook.exe on amd64 fixed
  • fixed Track’n’Reverse mode: directories not restored sometimes if deleted
  • Added: Data counters for TCP loopbacks
  • fixed ignoring or registry value rule settings
  • “Loading Dll” Ask User dialog recreated
  • “Add checksum to the application” fixed (Advanced Enrolment Ask User dialog)
  • Trust button in Firewall Ask User dialogs now available also for no admin user
  • file and registry predefined object sorting changed in GUI
  • fixed memory leaks with the File tag
  • Added: Scan detector builds dynamic rules to prevent inbound accesses from scanning IP
  • Fixed: FTP routed transfers were blocked under rare circumstances


Version number 6.5.120
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Tiny Software
file size


License type Shareware
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