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Tinder has something new again

Tinder is working hard to win users over. After the announcement of Tinder Places and the news that Tinder becomes safer Tinder now gets another new feature: Tinder Loops.

Tinder Loops

Tinder Loops can be used worldwide today. Loops are two-second moving videos that users can place on their profiles. The Tinder Loops must be uploaded from the camera roll on the phone or it must be a Live Photo from an iOS device. If you want to keep your current photos, but also want Loops, this is possible too. Tinder has increased the number of photos you can place to nine.

Loops has been tested from April, in Canada and Sweden. Now there are many countries. Tinder has already seen some interesting things in the tests. Users who added a Loop noticed that the length of their conversations increased by about 20 percent. Especially in Japan, the Loops seemed to be doing well with Tinder users. The number of swipes to the right increased by ten percent.

Photos and videos

With videos you can get a better picture of someone than with only photos. Photos are easy to adjust and give a snapshot. This is slightly different for videos.

So, Tinder users of the Netherlands and Belgium, are we going to run massively? Or do we all go to the pub to look around and see someone live at once? Tinder is easy, fast and it can make beautiful loves, but bumping into someone in the supermarket might be even more romantic.

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