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climbing stairs without seeing anything

At MIT, developers build one particular robot after another. Now they have further developed the Cheetah 3 robot in an even more effective version. This can run up the stairs, but not just. He can do this without cameras. The new algorithms in the robot help him navigate by touch.

Robot does not see anything

Why a robot who can walk without seeing what is in front of him? A robot that is strongly focused on vision is often slower or stumbles faster. If such a robot gets on something that the camera can not see, it does not know what to do. That’s why they do not want to trust the vision with a robot too much.

Such robots can take care of people’s tasks that are too dangerous or difficult. In these circumstances it is not always possible to see something. In fact, the camera of a robot can be destroyed. Mission failed.

Do not see but feel

The robot can feel through proprioception where it is in space. Due to other changes in the hardware, the robot can now also extend and rotate. Through a predictive algorithm, the robot can also adjust its way of walking, so that it does not stumble.

The earlier Cheetah robots were also no idlers. One broke a speed record among robots and another jump over hordes. What will be the next step?

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