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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit: a tough start

When you say Life is Strange, a lot of people will look happy. The series is already a concept in the game world from the first strong season and the recent prequel Before the Storm did not disappoint . Not surprising that on 27 September a sequel appears, and that you can now play the introduction The Awesome Adventures or Captain Spirit for free.

Captain Spirit serves as an introduction to the world and characters of Life is Strange 2. The game is quite short but certainly not superficial. Just like Life is Strange and Before the Storm, Captain Spirit also contains loaded themes that allow you to navigate as a player.

Without revealing too much: mother recently passed away, and son (around 9-10 years old) and father have to manage to save. And that is difficult, especially for the father, which makes it difficult for the child.

This leads to violent scenes and difficult choices to make. In one way or another, the developers manage to put the father in such a way that you do not immediately indicate him at the first opportunity, despite his obvious wrong behavior. It is such a well-known situation that you, as an outsider, find it logical that there is only one right choice, and that it is obvious that the person who is in this situation has to make this choice. Because otherwise ‘is not it so bad’.

Captain Spirit makes a short break with that line of thought. That makes it (like previous Life is Strange games) not easy, but one that is worth it.

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