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This app prepares you for your backpack adventure

Anyone who is going to backpack, hike or take another adventurous journey soon, would do well to read on. The new app Luvmyhike helps you to get fit for outdoor hikes, mountain climbing or backpacking. The goal of the app is to get people to walk a high mountain without waking up with a large dose of muscle pain the next day.


The app Luvmyhike is available for iOS and Android. The app was created thanks to the travel organization ‘Wild Women on Top’. This organization is focused on adventure travel and also gives tips on how you can optimally prepare for such a trip. You will also learn how to add a little extra adventure to your daily life. These tips can be found in the app.

Hiking and other excursions

The Luvmyhike app is specially tailored for people who want to make a big hike or hiking trip. Walking the Inca Trail in Peru and the Appalachian Trail in the United States? With the preparations of this app that should not be a problem. In addition to physical support, the app also focuses on mental health and spirituality.

A 12-week fitness program prepares people for their mountaineering, extreme hiking tour or backpack adventure. The app motivates you and you can also see ‘how to’ videos. You do not need the gym, because the workouts are especially for outside.

You can try the app for free for seven days. Then you pay $ 6 weekly. Then you’ll be well prepared in any case, with whatever outdoor activity! And, before you go on vacation, take a look at these holiday tips which you should not forget before you leave.

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