More internet access at popular Chinese destination

In China, internet users are limited by ‘The great firewall’. Many overseas websites are censored. Social media platforms are also partially blocked by the Chinese government. In this way, China does not want Western ideologies to blow to China.

Stand there, as a tourist in China, without your YouTube movies and social media channels. Now there is a Chinese island, Hainan, that wants to relax the restrictions on the internet. The reason? Give tourism a boost. This news came pretty unexpectedly, because last year the Chinese government gave up the control of VPN connections, which can be used to circumvent restrictions.

Chinese island of Hainan

Hainan is also called Chinese Hawaii. The beautiful beaches and the wonderful weather makes this island attractive for tourists. The government is currently investing bins with money to attract more travelers. In 2020, this Chinese island wants to be a free trade zone. The news about making the internet more accessible appeared last week on the website of the local government. It was gone the next day. Nevertheless, the news has been picked up by many Chinese websites.

If the Internet restrictions are lifted, this will not only attract more students, but will also attract 50,000 employees and 3,500 students.

Internet access

It is not yet clear at which locations of the island the steps will be taken. The expectation is that it will be in the two big cities Haikou and Sanya. Another question is which websites can be visited. Does this also apply to the big boys, including Instagram, Snapchat and Google?

First, see, they believe. If this actually happens, it may be a step towards more harmony with the Western world. But be sure that the government will do everything to limit Western influences as much as possible. The check will remain there for the time being.