Take-Two sold five million GTA V copies in the past six months

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Take-Two has announced new sales figures for Grand Theft Auto V, which was released in 2013. The game has now sold 85 million copies, with 5 million units sold in the past six months.

Take-Two goes on to say that “GTA Online has had its best quarter yet.” The company also relies on previously released figures from the NPD Group, which named GTA V as the best-selling game to date. This applies to both numbers and turnover. Take-Two owns, among others, Rockstar, which is responsible for GTA V. The company derives 68 percent of its turnover from digital deliveries. In a conference call, the company said it plans to feature recurring releases on every title in the future.

Total turnover amounted to 443.6 million euros, which is about 5.5 percent higher than in the same quarter a year ago. The figures indicate that Take-Two gets almost half of its net profit, or 48 percent, from ‘recurring expenses’ from players. That is a growth of 66 percent compared to the previous year. In August of this year it was still 41 percent. Recurring expenses include, for example, virtual currencies, DLC and microtransactions.

Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, but Rockstar continues to release DLC for GTA: Online. Those expansions are free to download, but many items in those expansions require players to pay a large amount of in-game currency. That virtual money can be earned by playing the game a lot, but can also be obtained directly by purchasing so-called Shark Cards for real money. When the quarterly figures were announced in May, the number of GTA V copies sold was eighty million.

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