Apple aims for 2020 to release AR headset with its own operating system

Apple plans to release an AR headset in 2020, Apple insider Mark Gurman reported via Bloomberg. Like other Apple devices, such as the iPhone and the Watch, the device runs on its own operating system.

According to Gurman’s sources, that system within Apple’s walls is called rOS, which should stand for ‘reality operating system’. The plan to release the glasses with their own screen in 2020 is said to be part of an ‘aggressive planning’, which could change. In addition to its own operating system, the headset must use a new soc that Apple develops itself.

The Cupertino company is not yet sure which input methods it wants to use for the headset. Among the candidates are touch panels, voice control with Siri and hand gestures. Apps for the device may end up in its own App Store. These include applications such as 360-degree videos and virtual meeting rooms.

This year, Apple presented an SDK for augmented reality under the name ARKit. According to Bloomberg, it wants to present a new version of it, at the earliest in 2018. Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously indicated that he sees a future in augmented reality. In November last year, a rumor appeared that Apple is working on AR glasses that can be wirelessly connected to an iPhone. A prototype of a pair of glasses was mentioned in a safety report from Apple in April.