Razer is investigating possible cyber attack on Razer Gold

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Razer is investigating a possible data breach resulting from a cyber attack on digital currency platform Razer Gold. A hacker is offering what he claims is ‘source code, encryption keys, databases and backend credentials’ of Razer Gold for $100,000 on a forum.

The company said in a statement opposite Polygon: “We were informed on July 9 of a potential hack targeting Razer Gold. Following this, we immediately launched a thorough investigation into Razer’s website. Razer is still conducting that investigation. (…) When our investigation is complete, we expect we that we will report the results to the relevant authorities.”

It is not yet clear whether the alleged cybercriminal has indeed gained access to Razer Gold data and possibly user data. The fact that Razer says it expects information to be turned over to relevant authorities suggests that a cyber attack has indeed occurred.

Razer Gold is a digital currency and wallet system that allows users to purchase games and in-game content. There are over two hundred individual games and platforms joined Razer’s initiative.

Razer was last in the news in 2020 due to a major data breach in which certain data of 100,000 customers was accessible. The data breach is said to be the fault of an external IT company. Based on a lawsuit heard in Singapore, Razer does not appear to have been responsible for this, although the IT company appealed that case this week, according to ChannelNewsAsia.

We have been made aware of a potential breach and are currently investigating.

— R Λ Z Ξ R (@Razer) July 10, 2023

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