Oppo stops making audio systems and blu-ray players

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Oppo has announced that it will gradually stop producing audio systems and blu-ray players. The existing products of the Chinese manufacturer will still be supported, so that updates will continue to come true.

Oppo says that it’s time to say goodbye now that his latest 4k-uhd-blu-ray players’ reach the peak of their performance ‘. The company gives no clear reason for stopping the manufacture of these products. Nothing in the Oppo branch that is responsible for the production of mobile phones is changing.
Owners of existing Oppo audio players or Blu-ray players simply keep their guarantee, and updates and firmware just keep coming from time to time, the manufacturer reports. However, Oppo will no longer release new products. The company made high-quality uhd-blu-ray players, such as the UDP-203 and UDP-205.

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