Coffee Lake expands – Line-up complete – Background

With the introduction of Intel’s Coffee Lake-generation desktop processors, the processor offering was quite limited with only two models of the i3s, i5s and i7s. That was always a K-processor for overclockers and a somewhat cheaper, regular processor. After all, Intel had to force the Coffee Lake introduction to counter AMD, which garnered good success with Ryzen.
With that first wave of Coffee Lake processors, Intel only made the Z370 chipset available, and forced the motherboard manufacturers to do so. produce high-end motherboards. For the i7-8700K and i5-8600K that is a logical choice, but the cheapest i3-8100 of just over a hundred euros to combine with a motherboard of one hundred and fifty euros or more, is a bit crazy. Meanwhile, there are some Z370 signs for about a hundred euros for sale, but from many more than ten plates to 130 euros you can not choose.
Intel has now expanded both its offer Coffee Lake processors and its types of motherboard chipsets . In the Coffee Lake series, a Core i7, five Core i5 and three Core i3 CPUs are added. In addition, there are five Pentiums and three Celerons for entry-level PCs on the market. If it was already crazy to combine an i3 with a Z370 motherboard of over a hundred euros, then that would be double for a Celeron of fifty euros.
There the new chipsets should provide solace; the H370 chipset, H310 chipset and B360 chipset are intended for lower priced motherboards, with fewer features. We put the first wave of cheaper motherboards in a row and see what you can expect. In addition, we have benchmark results for the Core i5 8600.