‘New MacBook Air and Mac mini on the way’

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We are looking forward to the new iPhone 2018 which is likely to be presented on 12 September. But also for Mac enthusiasts, this autumn is something to look forward to. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg Apple is coming with a new low-cost MacBook and a new Mac mini.

Cheap MacBook Air

Insiders claim that Apple is working on a laptop that speaks on the MacBook Air appears, but with thinner edges around the 13-inch screen. For the first time, the Air also gets a Retina screen with a high resolution. The current model is now the only MacBook in the range without such a super-sharp screen. In 2015, the first 12-inch MacBook appeared and since then it has been thought that this means the end of the MacBook Air. But the price tag of € 1497.91 is for many people outside the budget. The MacBook Air is more affordable with € 1097.91 pieces. The new budget model might get an even more interesting price.

Finally a new Mac mini

In addition, Apple would be working on a new Mac mini . The current has been ignored by Apple for four years, but that is finally going to change. The Mac mini is a desktop Mac without monitor, keyboard and mouse. It is the smallest and cheapest Mac available: the entry-level model costs € 567.91

Apple would pay special attention to the professional user this year. Bloomberg specifically mentions app developers, server administrators, or people who make a media center. The new storage and processor options may cause a price increase. For the pros it is also to wait until 2019: a new Mac Pro will appear – something which Apple has even confirmed .

Less Macs

That Apple now with new Macs is the highest time. The current range is slowly but surely aging. The consequences of this became painfully clear, recently with the publication of the annual figures. Sales had dropped to the level of 2018. Time for action!

When will the new Macs appear?

We expect a keynote on Wednesday, September 12th. This is mainly dominated by the iPhone 2018 and the iPad Pro with Face ID but possibly we also see the new Macs. But there is another scenario possible: maybe Apple is organizing an extra event around the new Macs in October. In 2016, for example, this was the case with the introduction of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

This autumn a new operating system for the Mac will be released: macOS Mojave 10.14. The Mac gets various new functions. For example, a dark mode, a Finder that is even more convenient and use and a new Mac App Store. On quite a lot of older Macs Mojave does not work: check your Mac to see if your Mac can work with Mojave.

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