Buy Apple Watch? Wait a second, because six new models are coming

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The keynote in which Apple presents the three new iPhones is approaching quickly. But it does not stop there; Apple is also likely to announce an iPad Pro with Face ID . And if that is not enough, Apple is doing a radically renewed Apple Watch models to cover. Six pieces.

 Apple Watch Series 4 concept

Release Apple Watch in September

That Apple will soon release a new Apple Watch, was already obvious. In recent years, this has continued during the September keynote. But now the arrival of a new Apple Watch in September seems almost certain, because Apple has registered six new Apple Watch Series 4 models in the database of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). This discovered the French Consomac .

Registrations such as these are mandatory in the EEU when introducing new electronic products. In the past it often happened that such Apple registrations preceded a product release about a month. And indeed: the September keynote takes about about a month .

The six Apple Watches have the model numbers A1977, A1978, A1975, A 1975, A2007 and A2008. They are equipped with watchOS 5 the new operating system for the Apple Watch. Apple will probably release this software at the end of September.

Six Apple Watch models sound a lot, but that is not so bad. The current Apple Watch Series 3 even has 8 variants: two models without GPS, available in 38 and 42m. In addition, models with 4G, which are released in aluminum, steel and ceramics. These are also available in 38 and 42 mm. This means that two variants will disappear, and it seems most plausible that Apple will say goodbye to the steel or ceramic version.

Improvements to the new Apple Watch Series 4

Want to buy an Apple Watch? Then it is wise to wait a little longer. Since the launch of the first Apple Watch (in 2014), Apple hardly changed the design of the smart watch, but rumors indicate that this is going to happen now. The Apple Watch Series 4 models have larger screens have better health sensors and the life of the battery would be longer.

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