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Back to my Mac stops – these are the best alternatives

Bad news for anyone who is still away from Back to My Mac: the function disappears. With Back to my Mac (Back to My Mac), users can remotely access files stored on a different Mac. From macOS Mojave users will have to do this in a different way, such as Screen Sharing.

 Back to my Mac alternatives

Back to my Mac stops

In 2007 Back to my Mac saw it life light. With the iCloud function, users can access the files from an external Mac remotely. You can also use Back to My Mac to share the screen; you then remotely take over the mouse and the keyboard to control the other Mac.

When macOS Mojave is released in late September, the operating system will no longer be equipped with Back to my Mac. To do this Apple warns against users of the program

Back to my Mac alternatives

Apple recommends users of the program three Back to my Mac alternatives: iCloud Drive, Screen Sharing and Apple Remote Desktop.

1. iCloud Drive

If you want to have access to your files on multiple Macs, you can use iCloud Drive. To do this go to ‘System Preferences> iCloud’ and check the box for iCloud Drive. It is convenient to use the ‘Options’ option’ Folder ‘Desktop’ and ‘Documents’ “. All files that you then store in Desktop or Documents can also be accessed via one of your other Macs.

2. Screen division

With Screen Sharing you have the possibility to remotely control another Mac; You can then not only remotely adjust your files, but also, for example, adjust the settings, or open programs. With Screen Sharing, it is important that the Macs are on the same network.

3. Apple Remote Desktop

A professional alternative to Screen Sharing is the powerful Apple Remote Desktop app . However, many users will not be happy with this suggestion, given the high price of € 89.99. In addition, Apple provides the app with few updates; this happened for the last time in February 2017. In that respect, there are also better (and free) options, such as TeamViewer .

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