Mozilla seems to want to show sponsored sites on Firefox’s new tab page

Information on Bugzilla suggests that Mozilla is working on Sponsored Top Sites. The purpose of this seems to be for a user to see sponsored sites when opening a new empty tab in Firefox. The user can disable this. The notice on Mozilla’s Bugzilla, which GHacks writes about, is a request for an option to disable Sponsored Top Sites in Firefox. This is a feature that Mozilla itself has not yet announced for the browser. It looks like it involves showing sites on Firefox’s default tab page, which Mozilla is going to pay for. For example, Mozilla could tap into an additional source of income. A developer shows what the option to disable Sponsored Top Sites could look like. Currently, users can choose whether to show the sites they visit most often on the home screen. In addition, highlights of visited pages and bookmarks, pages saved in Pocket, and updates from Mozilla and Firefox are so visible. It is not the first time that Mozilla has experimented with advertisements in Firefox. In 2015, the company started displaying sponsored ’tiles’ in the then version of Firefox, but Mozilla stopped doing so that same year. In 2018, it was sponsored links on tab pages, which American users were shown.