Mozilla brings add-on support via detour to beta version Firefox on Android

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Mozilla has also brought the add-on support that has been in the Nightly version of Firefox for Android for two years now to the Android browser beta. It seems that users of the stable version will also be able to use all add-ons in the future.

Add-on Collections in Firefox Beta

Users who want to install add-ons that are not officially available for the Android version of the browser can do so by adding them to their own “add-on collection”. That is a collection of add-ons that users can create and that are linked to their account. Then users have to press the Firefox logo three times in the About Firefox menu in the settings. Then a debug menu appears with the option to install that pre-made collection of add-ons.

That detour has been in Nightly for two years now, and Ghacks discovered that it can now also be found in Firefox Beta for Android. That can also be seen on GitHub. This makes it obvious that the function will also come to the stable version in the long term. Mozilla itself hasn’t said anything about that yet. The stable version only has support for ‘recommended’ add-ons. As a result, many add-ons that are popular on desktop are missing.

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