Meta Quest 2 Gets Ghostbusters VR Game, Boneworks Sequel, and Moss: Book II

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A Ghostbusters VR game for the Meta Quest 2 and a successor to Boneworks VR for the Quest 2 and Steam VR is in the works. In addition, the former PSVR exclusive Moss II: Book is also coming to Quest 2 this summer.

The new VR games have been announced during the Meta Quest Showcase. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, announced a new Ghostbusters VR game. In this ‘new Ghostbusters chapter’ players go on a ghost hunt in San Francisco. The virtual reality game takes place in a first-person perspective. The game can be played alone, but players can also go through the story with three other players.

Few details are known about the game yet. More information should be shared in the coming months. The game is coming soon available exclusively for the Meta Quest 2. It appears that the first Quest is not supported as that headset is not listed among the supported platforms. It is not yet known when the game will be released.

Stress Level Zero is also working on a successor for Boneworks, called Bonelab. A trailer shows the first gameplay footage of the title. According to the developer, Bonelab builds on the extensive physics and interaction system of its predecessor, but gets a new story, new playing fields and new characters. Bonelab will be available later this year for the Meta Quest 2 and Steam VR. The previous title Boneworks was only available for PCs via platforms like Steam VR, but the new version is also coming to Meta’s VR platform.

Meta also announces that indie title Moss: Book II coming this summer for the Quest 2. This game was released exclusively for PlayStation VR a few weeks ago. Innersloth showed a new trailer for Among Us VR, which should also be released later this year. In addition, Resident Evil 4 will get VR a new The Mercenaries game modegets Beat Saber a new mixtape and comes NFL Pro Era also out later this year.

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