Apple increases charging capacity MagSafe Battery Pack via firmware update

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Apple has increased the charging capacity of its MagSafe Battery Pack via a firmware update. After the update, this magnetic power bank can charge with a maximum power of 7.5W, where it was previously a maximum of 5W.

The increase has been implemented in firmware version 2.7, Apple writes on its support website. The update will run automatically when attached to an iPhone via MagSafe. That way, according to Apple, the update can take ‘a week’. The update can also be performed faster, by connecting the MagSafe Battery Pack via USB-C to an iPad or Mac. That way, the firmware should be updated in about five minutes.

Apple released the MagSafe Battery Pack last year. The power bank works, as the name suggests, via MagSafe and is therefore only compatible with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. The power bank can be attached wirelessly to the iPhones and can now charge the phones at 7.5W with its 1460mAh battery. The power bank can also function as a regular charger when wired, offering a charging power of 15W. The MagSafe Battery Pack has a suggested retail price of 109 euros.

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