Google bans call recording apps on Android

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Google bans phone call recording apps on Android. Only apps from Google itself and apps that manufacturers provide in the firmware are still allowed. Third-party apps now use an Accessibility option, which Google finds unacceptable.

Google Call Recording

The rule will take effect as of May 11, so is on a page of google and says an employee in a verbal explanation. The rule can take effect so quickly, because according to Google, it is a clarification of an already existing rule. The ad company sees the use of the Accessibility API for call recording as an abuse of that option.

Google has made it increasingly difficult for call recording apps in recent years. For example, since Android 10, using Accessibility is the only way to make third-party apps work as a ‘call recorder’. Call recording is an important function for various professions.

Some phones have a call recording feature in the firmware, but it doesn’t work in all countries. As a result, the possibility to record conversations is limited. It is unknown what will happen after May 11. Google could, for example, remove the apps from the Play Store if they remain in violation.

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