Lenovo launches tablet with vertical stand

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Lenovo comes with a tablet with a built-in stand, with which the device can be placed upright. The Folder Pad can be used in this way as a laptop. Furthermore, most details about the specifications are missing.

Lenovo has not yet officially announced the Folder Pad, but an image of the device has already surfaced on design website Reddot 21, which previously also revealed images and specifications of the Oppo Find 7 early. The image shows that the stand that allows the device to stand upright can be unfolded from the back of the housing. It can also be seen that the top of the orange-colored tablet is slightly thicker than the bottom.

With the unfolded stand, Lenovo seems to suggest that the Folder Pad can be used as a tablet as well as a laptop. The manufacturer seems to provide a matching wireless keyboard, although you probably have to pay extra for this.

Furthermore, information about the hardware used is still missing. It is also not yet clear when Lenovo wants to release the Folder Pad and at what price. More details are likely to follow with the official announcement.

Previously, images of the Lenovo Miix 3 came out via Reddot 21, an also orange hybrid, where the tablet part can be placed at an angle on the keyboard.

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