Photos show Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 folding flat

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Real photos have emerged of what appears to be a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. The photos show that the two parts of the case lie flat on top of each other after folding. Rumors already pointed to this. This was not the case with all previous versions.

Samsung is said to have switched to a teardrop shape for folding the foldable screen into the housing. Other foldable smartphones have been using that method for some time. Ahmed Qwaider had published photos of the Fold5but took them offline, after which AndroidPolice has published them again.

The photos show that the Fold5 can indeed be folded flat, unlike the five previous versions of Samsung’s Fold phones. Since the very first Galaxy Fold in 2019, which was never released due to fragility problems, there has been a gap between the two parts of the housing. The released, improved Fold from 2019, the Fold2 from 2020, Fold3 from 2021 and Fold4 from 2022 all also had the gap between both parts of the housing.

Other foldable phones do not have this, including the recently released Google Pixel Fold, various Motorola Razr models and foldable smartphones from Chinese manufacturers, such as the OPPO Find N. There were previously rumors that Samsung would also use this technology. Samsung will likely announce its Fold5 at an Unpacked event later this month.

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