Cloud printing service Samsung is coming to Android and iOS

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Samsung has announced a cloud printing service that works for Android and iOS. According to the manufacturer, the data transfer between mobile and printer is encrypted and devices can be linked via NFC.

The so-called Cloud Print applications will be released for both Android and iOS, with the app for Google’s mobile OS coming in June, Engadget reports. The software for iOS will arrive sometime in the second half of this year. Samsung mainly focuses on security for business users: the manufacturer promises that users can use the cloud printing service to print securely remotely, because the file transfer is encrypted. In addition, the print functions are integrated into Samsung’s security service Knox.

Linking a mobile device and a printer is done with NFC. As a result, the cloud printing service can only be used on the Xpress printers that Samsung released last year. By the way, these already had a function on board to enable printing via mobile devices. A mobile device can be paired with up to 20 printers.

With the Cloud Print apps, Samsung seems to want to compete with Google and Apple, both of which have already released cloud printing services. However, support is limited for the time being, and it is unclear whether the service can also be used with printers from other manufacturers in the future.

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