Kuo: iPhone 16 Pro gets periscopic zoom and slightly larger screen

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Apple may provide the iPhone 16 Pro with a periscopic zoom lens next year. This is reported by TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. For that reason, the device would also have a slightly larger screen than its predecessor.

Diagram of a periscopic lens.
Source: OPPO

Apple will both equip its iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max with a periscopic lens next year, writes Kuo on Tuesday. To achieve that, Apple would “slightly” enlarge the screen of its iPhone 16 Pro, although the analyst does not mention concrete dimensions. The extra internal space would allow the company to use a periscopic lens.

Rumors have been circulating for some time about the use of periscopic lenses in iPhones. Apple would introduce its first smartphone with such a lens this year. That is expected to only concern the iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphone. The smaller Pro model would not get it this year. Next year, the feature would be expanded to the ‘regular’ Pro model.

Periscopic camera lenses are mainly used for telephoto cameras. Such a lens is placed in the device at right angles. Mirrors are then used to bounce the light onto the sensor. Periscopic lenses thus allow a larger focal length and thus a further ‘zoom’ than traditional telephoto lenses.

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