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Latest Beyond Good and Evil 2 game update trailer shows fighting system

Ubisoft has shared a new game update trailer from Beyond Good and Evil 2. The developer will explore the fighting system, the cooperative mode and the upgrades for weapons and vehicles.

The trailer is a summary of the Beyond Good and Evil 2 livestream in which the game directors tell he producer and the community manager about the development of the game and the features. There are several upgrades available for the weapons, such as creating a ‘time bubble’ in which enemies move slower. Enemies also have these upgrades. The player can see for a battle by a special binoculars which upgrades enemies carry. In addition, the binoculars also show statistics and skills of npc’s. It is also possible to add npc’s to your team.

When players are in cooperative mode, they do not necessarily have to do the same missions together. Both can go into play and stand where they want and discover the world on their own. It is not yet clear whether a local variant of co-op is possible.

According to the team, all vehicles in the game are steerable. The personal vehicle of the player can be adjusted according to preference. In space, players can also leave their ship and walk on it. On top of the ship, for example from a wing, players can watch and explore a planet near the top from the top.

The first Beyond Good and Evil came out on November 11, 2003. The sequel has been in the pipeline for more than ten years. development phase. In June 2017 Ubisoft showed the first trailer of Beyond Good and Evil 2 during E3. It is not yet known when the game appears and for which platforms.

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