Jon Prosser: Apple’s AR glasses will be released by June next year

Apple’s AR glasses would be released between March and June next year, according to new rumors. That’s later than was thought last year, but earlier than the most recent rumours. Details about the glasses are still unknown. Video images would soon appear.

The ‘Apple Glasses’ would be released in March-June 2021, says YouTuber Jon Prosser on Twitter. He has made accurate predictions about Apple products more often in the past. Rumors have been going around for years about Apple smart glasses, although sometimes they also say that Apple has stopped the entire project. Prosser doesn’t give any details about the glasses yet, only that they would become ‘sleek as hell’. He says he has seen the glasses and has video of them, but will share it at a later date.

Prosser’s prediction goes against the prediction of the other well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Earlier this week, he predicted that Apple would not release the glasses until 2022 at the earliest. Last year Kuo talked about the fact that the glasses would already be released in the second quarter of 2020.

Details about Apple’s glasses are still unknown. That the glasses are coming seems clear: Apple has acquired several companies that make AR technology, hired people with knowledge about it, and source code in iOS would indicate such a device that would work in tandem with the iPhone and that has a camera to take in depth. to estimate.