Developers create their own community store for Homey

Developers have developed a community store for the smart home platform Homey. The store was not developed by Athom itself, but by members of the community. Apps that are not admitted to the official store can be placed in the store.

The community store can be found at The first version of the store was built by developers around the smart home platform. They write on the forum that they have built the store because some apps are not allowed by Athom to officially run on Homey. “There could be several reasons for this, and we don’t want to talk about that because it’s going to be an endless discussion.”

The makers say developers can add their own apps to the store if they are not approved by Athom. It’s not the entire app, but a branch of it that automatically downloads the most recent code from a repo. According to one of the developers, that must be a stable branch. The store may also contain downloads to official Homey apps.

According to the developers, it is not possible to automatically update apps in the community store. Also, there are no backups of the community apps that can be restored with the restore function.