Intel will come with 28-core CPU that taps 5GHz on all cores before the end of 2018

Intel has announced at its keynote at the Computex fair that it will release a processor with 28 cores. During a test, the cores ran at a clock frequency of 5GHz and the CPU will be released before the end of the year.

Intel demonstrated the 28-core processor at its keynote during Computex. The chip giant ran Cinebench, where all 28 cores continued to tap at 5GHz, Anandtech among others shows. That resulted in a Cinebench score of 7334 points. In comparison, the fastest Skylake X processor on the X299 platform achieves a score of 3342 points with 18 cores.

Image: Anandtech

It is striking that Intel has managed to run all 28 cores at 5GHz. Such a clock frequency in itself is not remarkable for Intel processors, but often thanks to the turbo functionality it is achieved on only one or two cores and not on 28. It is not clear whether the CPU can sustain that clock speed for a longer period of time, because thanks to the 28 cores with 56 threads, the benchmark only lasted a few seconds.

The as yet unnamed 28-core processor is not Intel’s first CPU with so many cores. Intel’s Xeon Platinum 8180 has the same number of cores, but has a maximum turbo frequency of only 3.8GHz. That CPU has a TDP of 205 watts and is intended for use in servers, given its 3647-foot socket. On which socket the new 28-core CPU will appear, Intel has not disclosed, as has the price. The manufacturer will sell the processor in the fourth quarter.

Update, Wednesday 6 June: In the title and lead it has been clarified that the cores briefly ran at 5GHz during the demonstration.

Update, Thursday 7 June: Intel appears to have used extreme cooling and a 1000W power supply for the demonstration. The manufacturer did not show that during the presentation itself.