Apple comes with privacy-safe AR applications this week

Apple will show new functions this week at the WWDC that makes it possible for two iPhone users to see things together in augmented reality (AR), without having to send all kinds of personal data to the Send Apple servers. That says Reuters. AR has also been used with great success in apps such as Pokémon Go and in industrial applications. Both Apple and Google are working hard to get AR in the hands of people, but Apple has chosen a different design than Google.

Because Apple has privacy a bit higher than the big G, the system that has been developed in Cupertino from phone to phone, no more data than strictly needed to send Apple servers. Google’s AR solution is called Cloud Anchors, scans the environment of users and puts all that data in the cloud. That is exactly what Apple wants to prevent with their peer-to-peer system, although it has to be said that Google says that the stored data is deleted after seven days.

Privacy first, then technology

Apple praises that they put the privacy of the user first, although it could have an impact on the technical possibilities of their AR software. It could be more difficult to play or work with more than two users at the same time and if the person who started the AR session stops it could cause synchronization problems. These are all theoretical problems because before Apple announces what the plans are, it is difficult to say anything about it.

Anyway, so expect a lot of AR news from Apple this week. Tim Cook has said on several occasions that he and his company have a rock-solid trust in the future of technology and with the technical advantage that Apple’s chips have on the competition (they are simply a year or two for all the rest ) you can expect some AR fireworks on newer iPhones. Maybe we are going to see the first signs of the AR glasses that Apple would have in development?