Alleged Intel Raptor Lake Refresh processor specs appear online

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The alleged configurations of Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake Refresh desktop processors have appeared online. This shows, among other things, that all Core i5 and i7 models have more cores than their predecessors. These 14th Gen Core CPUs will be released later this year.

YouTube channel RedGamingTech published the alleged core configurations of Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen desktop processors, VideoCardz noted. According to that YouTuber, the Core i5 and i7 models will have more cores. For example, the Core i5-14600K would have 8 P-cores and 8 E-cores, which equates to 16 cores and 24 threads. That is the same configuration as the Core i9-12900K from a few years ago. The current 13600K has six P and eight E cores.

The Core i7 models will have 8 P-cores and 12 E-cores, for a total of 20 cores and 28 threads, according to RedGamingTech. That matches previous rumors. The Core i9 processors will again have 24 cores and 32 threads this generation, just like the current 13th Gen models, but will probably have higher clock speeds. The Core i3 models get six P-cores and no E-cores. In previous generations, the Core i3 series only contained quad-core processors.

An earlier roadmap already showed that Intel wants to release the Raptor Lake Refresh later this year. This is expected to happen in October. This time the company is not releasing a completely new generation of processors for desktop PCs; These are CPUs with the same architecture and socket as the thirteenth generation. New Meteor Lake processors are planned for laptops. These use a new chip design with chiplet-like tiles and are produced using an Intel 4 process.

Source: RedGamingTech

Processor model Core numbers
12th Gen (Alder Lake)
Core numbers
13th Gen (Raptor Lake)
Core numbers
14th Gen (Raptor Lake Refresh)
Core i9-xx900K(F) 8P+8E (16C/24T) 8P+16E (24C/32T) 8P+16E (24C/32T)
Core i9-xx900(F) 8P+8E (16C/24T) 8P+16E (24C/32T) 8P+16E (24C/32T)
Core i7-xx700K(F) 8P+4E (12C/20T) 8P+8E (16C/24T) 8P+12E (20C/28T)
Core i7-xx700(F) 8P+4E (12C/20T) 8P+8E (16C/24T) 8P+12E (20C/28T)
Core i5-xx600K(F) 6P+4E (10C/16T) 6P+8E (14C/20T) 8P+8E (16C/24T)
Core i5-xx600(F) 6P (6C/12T) 6P+8E (14C/20T) 8P+8E (16C/24T)
Core i5-xx500 6P (6C/12T) 6P+8E (14C/20T) 6P+8E (14C/20T)
Core i5-xx400 6P (6C/12T) 6P+4E (10C/16T) 6P+8E (14C/20T)
Core i3-xx300 4P (4C/8T) 6P (6C/12T)
Core i3-xx100 4P (4C/8T) 4P (4C/8T) 6P (6C/12T)
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